Office Information

The mission of the Biological Psychiatry Institute is to diagnose and treat biological disorders affecting the brain, and to educate patients as to the basic principles of Biological Psychiatry.

 At the Biological Psychiatry Institute, Dr. Williams strives to work with our patients, so that they may attain an understanding of their illness, and can feel as though they are under control to seek help at the appropriate times.  Dr. Williams works to diagnose illnesses and treat symptoms, while also educating patients and their families.  Our patients are then taught by the use of models to self monitor for symptoms and illness, thus allowing patients to act quickly with medication changes in order to abort a relapse in symptoms.  For more information, please see the following:


  1. Survival.  Avoid accidents and/or Suicide
  2. Treat symptoms such as anxity or insomnia
  3. Treat the underlying illness
  4. Prevent relapse


Our educational program consists of the following:

  1. Handouts from current literature
  2. Patient medication sheets.

Suggested books to read:

  1. "The Broken Brain, The Biological Revolution in Psychiatry" by: Nancy Andreason, M.D., Ph.D.
  2. "Good News About Depression" by: Mark S. Gold, M.D.
  3. " Brain Basics" by Robert A. Williams, M.D.
  4. "Sleep Basics" by Robert A. Williams, M.D.
  5. "Brain Basics Addiction" by Robert A. Williams, M.D.