Brain Basics: A Biological Approach to Human Behavior

Brain Basics: A Biological Approach to Human Behavior
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"Happiness begins with a healthy brain."
-Robert A. Williams, MD

When the public uses its clout to insist on use of the medical model, adding its considerable strength to existing imperatives for a new direction in psychiatry, then conservative medicine - practiced at the expense of opportunities provided by modern medicine - will no longer be tolerated.

In Brain Basics, the following principles of behavior are discussed:
  • What is behavior?
  • What are the kinds of behavior?
  • What is psychosis?
  • Are psychosocial determinates the main determinates of behavior?
  • What are common illnesses one would expect to see?
  • How is a diagnosis made?
  • Can an individual see his/her own illness?
  • Are there two sets of behavior with behavior illness?
  • Can science be applied to psychiatry?
  • What is a systemic way of making a psychiatric diagnosis with an open model? 

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