About Dr. Williams

Dr. Robert Williams has a sole private practice of Biological Psychiatry in central Phoenix.  In addition to his Biological Psychiatry practice, Dr. Williams provides Brain Basics seminars and writes self help books.  Dr. Williams has published 3 self help books:

  1. Brain Basics - A book about Biological Psychiatry
  2. Brain Basics - Sleep
  3. Brain Basics - Addiction

Dr. Williams is currently writing 2 additional self help books:

  1. Brain Basics - Adult Attention Deficit Disorder
  2. Brain Basics - 101 Basic Principles of Biological Psychiatry: A book that summarizes all the clinical aspects of Biological Psychiatry


Dr. Williams also has an interest in writing Children's Books.  He has published 6 children's books based on his primary character, Merry the Cranberry.  The Children's books promote values and are Merry the Cranberry and:

  1. Mutual Respect
  2. Grief: Story about Loss
  3. Honesty
  4. Sportsmanship
  5. Etiquette
  6. Self-Esteem
* Dr. Williams also designed a book slip and a Merry the Cranberry doll to accompany his books.

Dr. Williams has been a single parent with a daughter who is a senior in Psychology at California State University, East Bay.  His daughter, Victoria, is interested in a career in Clinical Psychology.  Dr. Williams' daughter is currently the Editor of the second editions of his current books, and is the primary editor of his next two books:
  1. Brain Basics - Adult Attention Deficit Disorder
  2. Brain Basics - 101 Basic Principles of Biological Psychiatry

Dr. Williams was born in San Francisco, CA and was raised in Piedmont, California.  He went to high school in Whittier, CA.  During high school, he participated in Track and Field, and Football.  Dr. Williams did lawn maintenance, swimming pool cleaning, and general labor at the Coomb's Iris Garden during the summer to earn money for college.


After high school, Dr. Williams earned a B.A in Zoology at U.C Berkeley.  He belongs to the Nu Chapter of Phi Kappa Tau, Berkeley.  During the summers while attending Berkeley, Dr. Williams worked in the oil fiends in Southern California, worked in industrial production loading bags of cement, bags of ammonium nitrate, and blocks of dry ice.


Dr. Williams earned a M.A in Physical Science and minored in Military Science at San Jose State University in 1967.  During the summers, he worked at the Safeway crate yard in Richmond, California and the Del Monte cannery in San Jose, California.  After graduating, Dr. Williams attended R.O.T.C boot camp in the Summer of 1967 and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant, Artillery Corp.  Dr. Williams spent 2 years assigned as a Missile Scientist at White Sand Missile Range from 1967-1969.


While on the G.I Bill, Dr. Williams attended Medical School at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque from 1969-1973.  During this time, he developed an interest in art, including photography, drawing, and sculpture.  Dr. Williams traded and bought art throughout the years and has an Art Studio in Pinos Altos, New Mexico.  Dr. Williams sponsors an art show at his studio every other year featuring one painter and potter from the local area in New Mexico.


Dr. Williams has an interest in quantum physics, including models of fusion energy and quantum computers.  Dr. Williams has an interest in quantum physics as applied to brain function, specifically the nature of consciousness and memory function.  He has an interest in how quantum restrictions and quantum processes contribute to the non random process of evolution.



Dr. Williams is a 3rd generation Unitarian Universalist and has been a friend or member of the U.U Church intermittently throughout his life.  Dr. Williams subscribes to the U.U doctrines of strong humanistic values and social actions that support humanistic values.


Dr. Williams' daughter attended Phoenix Community College for 2 years before transferring to California.  During those years, Dr. Williams tutored his daughter and her friends in English, Chemistry, Calculus, and Economics.  He enjoyed this interaction in helping students achieve academic success.


Currently, Dr. Williams enjoys his art, visiting his studio in New Mexico.  He also enjoys landscaping and yard maintenance at his Phoenix home and reforesting his land in New Mexico.  Dr. Williams' most recent interest is gold prospecting in the Gila Wilderness, which surrounds his mountain home and art studio in Pinos Altos, New Mexico.