Welcome to the Biological Psychiatry Institute

At the Biological Psychiatry Institute, Dr. Williams offers the medical model of psychiatry, which is a scientific and rational approach to diagnosing and treating brain disorders.


  1. Diagnose illness and treat symptoms
  2. Educate patients and family
  3. Prevent relapse of symptoms

In addition, Dr. Williams attempts to bridge the gap between current research knowledge and applications to patient care. Dr. Williams continuously reviews the literature and attends conferences to maintain an up-to-date approach to psychiatric problems.

We recognize that the brain is a physical organ system, and realize that it can fail. Our purpose is to diagnose physical problems pertaining to brain failure and prescribe appropriate treatment.

When appropriate, we refer out-patient psychotherapy to local resources. Our major focus is on DSM-IV-TR (Diagnostic Statistical Manual-IV-Text Revision) diagnoses and treatments.

Dr. Williams wants to foster independence, so that patients understand their illness, and can feel as though they are under control to seek help at the appropriate times. The patient is taught by the use of brain models to self-monitor for symptoms of illness.